2K/DENMARK was founded in 1987 as 2Krogh, a graphic design startup that took it’s name from it’s two founders Liv and Klaus Krogh. The name was changed to 2K/DENMARK in conjunction with our 25th anniversary celebrations in 2012.

2K/DENMARK are designers, turned typesetters, turned software developers. Today we offer a range of services, both digitally and in printed media, delivering only high quality results.

Our list of references will show that we have been around for many years, but partnering with us does not result in 25 year old design – we are constantly on the edge of technological development, and will rather develop solutions on our own than wait for others to provide them.

With our roots deep in typography, design and art history, we understand the written and unwritten rules – and why the rules were made to begin with. We dare to find new solutions, using new technology and the possibilities that modern software provides; and when the tools we develop are in demand from others, innovation turns part of our business.

2K/DENMARK values sustainability and uses FSC® certified Gmund Papers.


The core values of 2K/DENMARK are made as promises to our clients. This is how they are expressed:

High quality

  • Service to clients
    We prioritise spending time with clients, to listen and learn about their field, so that we are able to communicate their story.
  • Training
    We only employ the very best people, and always have multiple interns from different schools and educations. We believe in a system where designers, typesetters and our other professions are trained in-house, to achieve our high quality standards.
  • Design process
    We offer custom designs to our clients. In most cases multiple solutions are provided. We do not charge for designs, before the order is confirmed.
  • Book design
    With our many years of experience, we continuously optimise our workflows and routines to create books you’d want to experience with more that your eyes. As objects you’d want to hold.
  • Typesetting
    It is our belief and experience, that the best results are achieved through both designing and typesetting a book in one house. Our Design and Typesetting departments work closely together, with in-depth briefing from the designers to the typesetters, and with constant internal quality checks of the products.


  • Deadlines
    We respect deadlines. Our staff is flexible and knowledgeable, and good project management ensure that the right qualifications are used and prioritised. We can reallocate resources to conclude urgent projects on time.
  • Pre-calculations
    We can design within limitations, and make sure to stay within limits. Our designers have years of experience in book design, and have custom tools developed to make accurate page count estimation.
  • Quotations
    We stay within budget. We make sure to request all cost relevant information from our clients, to prepare a realistic and trustworthy quotation.


  • Design
    We recognise the contemporary trends around us, but dare to go to new distances in both typography, branding and user interface design.
  • Product development
    We work closely with many publishing houses, and have great experience in the development of new publishing formats and products. Our Research and Development departments are not constrained by available technology, but readily research new fields and develop uncomparable software.
  • Tools
    As a graphic design company, we are given a lot of great tools. But in some cases we have to invent our own tools to fit the job. This can be everything from automating pagemaking of complicated books, to installing a piece of art in a building.


  • Technology
    We are always up to date with the latest developments in software.
  • Design
    We focus on the trends around us, and are always in touch with where design trends are heading.
  • Typography
    We will always know of new font releases and font technology developments.